Thursday, January 17, 2008

AND for the record!

Although Elle may call my "laid back, happy go-lucky"style "agreeable." I am vehemently denying this. Agreeable is not such a nice thing to be called. I mean come'on, I voice my opinions, I stand up for what I believe in, I dont contradict myself (most of the time)....but I also dont try to change other ppl's opinions/what they believe in. I dont think thats my job, I appreciate a great debate or conversation. Hell, I appreciate a good devil's advocate...this is why my man-mate and I are so great together. I like to voice my opinion, and he likes to take the opposite stance just to have a heated arguments. I dont take things to heart and I thank him for that.
BUT IN NO WAY, am I agreeable. I may even "agree to disagree" and I love hearing other ppl's reasoning on certain topics.
I'm not overly hard on ppl or pick fights. I try to forgive AND forget. I realize humans make mistakes, even friends make mistakes HECK even mom's make mistakes. Am i gonna get in a big fight over it? nope. I voice my opinion, let ppl know when they hurt my feelings and move on.
Stressing isnt worth it ppl and for the record, I am not agreeable!

Friday, January 11, 2008

This Florida thing is really starting to grow on me. After 25 plus years living in the windy windy city, it has taken me some serious adjustment time to truly enjoy my new digs.
Just over a year in this new city and I feel back to my old self.
I found out that I can still keep in touch and feel close to all my ol' city/college friends while making/hanging out with new ones ppl I actually like not ppl that I am just settling to hang out with for the sake of going out.
and i will tell ya...this weather has done wonders for my mood swings. I am damn cheery way more often. Although once in awhile i miss the brisk cool air, changing colors of the leaves, and light snow falls....I do NOT miss bundling up on a daily basis.
that is all

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cee is back and better than ever

I am off my few week hiatus to bless you with my kind and wise wise words.
Christmas time was awesome minus the 21 hour drive both ways, the doggie vomit, the newly holy roller'd bible lessons, getting snowed in on a friday night, 30 mph winds, and incurable dry skin. I know that sounds like a lot but it really didnt suck, I just like moaning and complaining, its bad, i know
so i rec'd some great presents but at what price??? my favorite pearl earrings are missing and i am convinced that someone broke into my condo and stole them while I went North for xmas. The bf is quick to point out that if this had any validity...surely, other things would be missing and they arent. boo. i misplace stuff and need to pray to st jude
more later
its fryyyyyyyy-daeeeeee
my girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, parrrrttty allllll the time
PS yes, elle...that was my copy of Chelsey's book. Please send my " eff u bitch, u ruined my book" and " oh thank u so much for replacing a book u ruined and wrapping it up as a psuedo gift"
haha I'm evil tonight

Honest to Blog!?

Go see Juno... really.

Oh, and Happy New Year. Chanel makeup turned out fab. More late.
<3 Elle