Thursday, January 17, 2008

AND for the record!

Although Elle may call my "laid back, happy go-lucky"style "agreeable." I am vehemently denying this. Agreeable is not such a nice thing to be called. I mean come'on, I voice my opinions, I stand up for what I believe in, I dont contradict myself (most of the time)....but I also dont try to change other ppl's opinions/what they believe in. I dont think thats my job, I appreciate a great debate or conversation. Hell, I appreciate a good devil's advocate...this is why my man-mate and I are so great together. I like to voice my opinion, and he likes to take the opposite stance just to have a heated arguments. I dont take things to heart and I thank him for that.
BUT IN NO WAY, am I agreeable. I may even "agree to disagree" and I love hearing other ppl's reasoning on certain topics.
I'm not overly hard on ppl or pick fights. I try to forgive AND forget. I realize humans make mistakes, even friends make mistakes HECK even mom's make mistakes. Am i gonna get in a big fight over it? nope. I voice my opinion, let ppl know when they hurt my feelings and move on.
Stressing isnt worth it ppl and for the record, I am not agreeable!

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