Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Miss the Sis :(

Oh, Cee. Christmas was just not right without you. But as always, you totally came through for me with the hot dress and coach purse. You know me too well. I hope your jet setting (I actually don't think it's considered jet setting when you take a car, though) went well and your traveling through the midwest was fabulous. <3

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Since I couldn't convince Cee over the phone to let me open the gifts that she sent me early I instead convinced my roomies to have our present opening last night. (I know Cee should technically have no power over me from half-way across the country, but seriously, I can't lie to her).
ANYWAYS, OD (the jewelry roomie), remembered from an ETERNITY ago that there was this cross that I crazy loved at a little boutique and actually went back and got it. I will now spend majority of my saturday trying to find a spot above my bed in where the nail will hold so the cross doesn't fall on my head. She also replaced a copy of the Chelsea Handler book, My Horizontal Life (I strongly recommend for good laughs), that I lent her awhile back and she spilled something on.
Face (the teacher roomie), is so brilliant. She got me this book called Breathing on Your Own, a book of "Quotations for Independent Thinkers". Notyour typical cheesey, heard it a million times quotes, but super hilarious bad ass quotes.
Oh, and I got a package in the mail of homemade chocolate from JBBF's mom. She's the shit.
<3 Elle
PS I think my original copy of the Chelsea Handler book belonged to Cee anyway, so -- SORRY, Cee

Friday, December 21, 2007

Chanel: The Only Cure for Holiday Blues

I just made my appointment with Chanel at Nordstrom to get my makeup done for New Years. I figured I got a great deal on my New Years dress and we're having a schmancy dinner and then a cheersing in of 2008 at my place that my face should look as great as possible. So minus the work stress, the not being home for Christmas, and the trying not to eat crappy pre-resolution so I look good for the holiday, I am now feeling much better.
<3 Elle
PS Cee is on her roadtrip w/ her boy toy and their puppies home right now and since my parents live in the pre-high speed internet era, she will not be posting until after Christmas...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dearest Cee,

Sorry bout the missed call. The day did go splendidly as I am now back in the running for the free wine refrigerator (bet you wish helping people had such instant rewards). However, since the student loan people already say that I owe them about HALF the cost of that ring, and I barely make enough money in a couple years to pay for it, I suggest you talk to you school boy bf and see when he can buy it for you, cuz I'm officially out of the running.
PS I am now off to work, then court (for JBBF), then back to work, so I will be calling you soon

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dearest Elle

I waited for the obligatory m0rning phone call to no avail.
I hope the day with your bigger boss went splendidly and that you sold the hell outta ur stores.
Regarding the pretty ring below, I request that u purchase that lil bute and expedite ship it to my condo in the swamp.
Much appreciation.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Want the Ring Without the Husband to Deal With

My roomie runs a jewelery store. She brought home a 5CT diamond engagement ring the other day. It looks like costume jewelry on my infant size hands, but still, must share.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Creativity Runs Strong with Pinot Grigio

This may look like your typical 3rd grade art project, but it is actually the project of three adults who had a lil too much wine last night. It is indeed a Christmas tree cut into 15 pieces of acceptable sized post cards to send to, as Cee likes to call him, the jail bird boyfriend (aka, my good friend who is awaiting trial *awkward*). Anyways, since he will be w/o fam and friends as well as a christmas tree, a few of us got together to create a tree for him that he is allowed to have.
<3 Elle

Things that never get old

-2 for 1 Happy hours

-Elle texting Cee insinuating an emergency situation, when Cee promptly calls, it becomes evident that it was just an urgent shopping question. wow

-Simple Pleasures fabric softner

-Driving with the top down (on my car, of course)

-Cuddling with the bf or the pups

-Waking up to a fresh brewed pot of coffee

-christmas shopping in shorts and tank tops

-Mascara that self-curls (good bye eyelash curler)

Friday, December 14, 2007

This just in...

TV's all around the world are throwing themselves in front of cars in apparent suicide attempts.

haha,omg...laughing so hard. I actually didnt write that, a friend of a friend is reponsible for that funny headliner. My friend from work reported that her car was "seriously messed up" when I probed further...she told me that she swerved to avoid a huge pothole and hit a TV.
Yes, ladies and gents, apparently a huge part of the local population believes that not only throwing garbage out the window is ok but also deposing of old tv sets on the side of the road is the normal thing to do.
Seriously? who does that?


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please enjoy the music while your sl*t bag sister is reached

Cee is a little bitter cuz she's giving more blog love than me. Now she's gonna be bitter that I called her bitter... But while lucky Cee gets to be out on a Wednesday night drinking wine, I'm spending 12 hours a day selling it which leaves me slightly less time to blog. I'm on this 12 hours on 12 hours off thing with work right now that's making me wish I could work for overtime.
On the bright side, I have made only 2 target trips this week (who can resist $7 leggings? Not even me who boycotted them for the entire time they've been trendy, but come on, hot leggings and oversized sweaters...)
ANYWHO, I have to be back at work in 11 hours, so I have to go watch reruns of Full House but I promise to post more when I have something that people wanna read about
<3 Elle
PS Sorry you missed gossip girls, Cee. Maybe this is a sign that you should invest in internet for your home so you can watch it online


aw crap, did I miss gossip girl?

Wine tasting

40 wines in an hour and a half...good times, plus there was a Pet store next store.
Seriously what is better than a good wine buzz and then getting to play with lil chubby puppies?
Not much on a random Wednesday evening.
My friend was thisclose to talking me into going roller skating after that. Thankfully, I turned down the offer. I havent skated since I was 12, so you know that would NOT have ended in a good way.
Today, I have nothing planned but eating take-out with the boy, giving my pup a bath, and maybe some shopping online to cheer up my moody blues.
This job transition is going to be an emotional one.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One more thing...

Gap has really good new body spray...I just spent the last half hour sniffing, wafting, and spraying. I cant decide which one I like and which one gave me a major headache.
I'll figure that one out later.
PS gap has super cute sweater dresses (with short sleeves) for those who live in the humid arm pit of the nation.
ok that is all, thanks in advance
my blood sugar is low

My Own Intro

Once upon a time Cee n Elle were Midwest girls who decided to spread the uber Midwest fabulousness to opposite sides of the country. This left Cee in a state where people wear hair scrunchies like the elastic just won't break and Elle in a city where the coolest guys she knows are either gay or in custody. This may take some time...

So, I would be the Elle part of "Cee n Elle". Although Cee would argue that we're such opposites, I just think we're that way to balance each other out... cuz there are times when we're a little unbalanced. As the baby sister, I am usually stubborn, irrational, and always having fun. Cee is agreeable, level headed, and always having fun (see, not SO different).
Anyways, the blog was another one of Cee's fun ideas that I agreed to. She'll probably randomly be yelling at me not to post certain things and I'll probably post it more in reaction.
So enjoy our crazy stories and opinions. Feel free to laugh your ass off cuz I know we'll be.

Girls night!

Ok, I'm excited about my after work function on friday. Buncho girls getting together for happy hour at a local establishment.
Just pray for free flowing drinks and no scrunchies. This may be the do or die decision maker...if these girls will make the cut.
keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
Hey, worst case scenario: everyone is lame and constantly talking about work and I fall down the stairs
Best case scenario: everyone is uber cool, loosens up, and I fall down the stairs.

I only know this b/c history has a peculiar way of repeating itself.
Its ok, my other ankle is just about healed.

Its soooo on, B**ches!

Tis the season to blog and be merry. I'm...well lets just call me "Cee." My sis and I live roughly 2200 miles away from each other. We manage to stay tight although our situations are almost polar opposites.
Enjoy our witty banter, complaints, and random-ness on a daily basis and comment at your own risk.
Til then,