Saturday, December 22, 2007


Since I couldn't convince Cee over the phone to let me open the gifts that she sent me early I instead convinced my roomies to have our present opening last night. (I know Cee should technically have no power over me from half-way across the country, but seriously, I can't lie to her).
ANYWAYS, OD (the jewelry roomie), remembered from an ETERNITY ago that there was this cross that I crazy loved at a little boutique and actually went back and got it. I will now spend majority of my saturday trying to find a spot above my bed in where the nail will hold so the cross doesn't fall on my head. She also replaced a copy of the Chelsea Handler book, My Horizontal Life (I strongly recommend for good laughs), that I lent her awhile back and she spilled something on.
Face (the teacher roomie), is so brilliant. She got me this book called Breathing on Your Own, a book of "Quotations for Independent Thinkers". Notyour typical cheesey, heard it a million times quotes, but super hilarious bad ass quotes.
Oh, and I got a package in the mail of homemade chocolate from JBBF's mom. She's the shit.
<3 Elle
PS I think my original copy of the Chelsea Handler book belonged to Cee anyway, so -- SORRY, Cee

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