Monday, September 29, 2008

check it!!!!

woo woo


I can't wait for tonight, I have a sick addiction to tv made for high schoolers

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So much more has happened....

Elle underestimates the happenings in the real life of cee and elle so here are the cliff's notes:

-Elle is contemplating moving back to the SHY and/or the possibility of a brief sabbatical in swampy FL

-The aforementioned moving may be put on the back burner if Elle scores a new territory and sells her lil wine-ass off....consequently making more money and receiving more perks (ie: more wine refridgerators or VIP tickets)

-Cee's Dr BF has wrapped up 50% of his schooling and we are on to bigger and badder diagnosing HUMONGOUS genital warts, eczema under the finger nails, and telling obese ppl that they need to lose weight.....seriously.

-Cee continues to inspire young teens and persuade them to stop having UN-safe sex, get out of abusive relationships, cut down on their profanity, and learn how to use a dictionary among other things

-Elle is rocking the hell outta some bangs

I'm am sure I am missing some things but WE will def. be updating this more goal is @ least twice a week.

RIP Paul handsome SOB


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summertime...and the livin's easy

Yeah, well I guess it's obvious that we took an extended summer break from our blogging, but we're back and ready to share our lives with you again!
Cee: Still in FL, luckily not too effected by the hurricanes. Dr. BF is working later these days, so her late night hobbies include, more kickball, calling Elle in the evening instead of just the afternoons, and designing bad-ass jewelry and Blair headbands.
Elle: Still in AZ, still selling wine. Still drinking wine. Still hot as hell because apparently Phoenix didn't get the memo that it's suppose to AUTUMN!!! and so it's still like 95 degrees every day. Recent hobbies: considering taking and somewhat studying for the LSATS (maybe), wearing Cee's Blair headbands (lovely), sporting bangs, watching Chelsea Lately.

In the meantime, since I last posted, Cee and I have done Miami and Chicago, I did Vegas, and for the most part, we've been working too much so you haven't missed TOO much, but I'll extend my update later. Welcome back!