Saturday, September 27, 2008

So much more has happened....

Elle underestimates the happenings in the real life of cee and elle so here are the cliff's notes:

-Elle is contemplating moving back to the SHY and/or the possibility of a brief sabbatical in swampy FL

-The aforementioned moving may be put on the back burner if Elle scores a new territory and sells her lil wine-ass off....consequently making more money and receiving more perks (ie: more wine refridgerators or VIP tickets)

-Cee's Dr BF has wrapped up 50% of his schooling and we are on to bigger and badder diagnosing HUMONGOUS genital warts, eczema under the finger nails, and telling obese ppl that they need to lose weight.....seriously.

-Cee continues to inspire young teens and persuade them to stop having UN-safe sex, get out of abusive relationships, cut down on their profanity, and learn how to use a dictionary among other things

-Elle is rocking the hell outta some bangs

I'm am sure I am missing some things but WE will def. be updating this more goal is @ least twice a week.

RIP Paul handsome SOB


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