Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Own Intro

Once upon a time Cee n Elle were Midwest girls who decided to spread the uber Midwest fabulousness to opposite sides of the country. This left Cee in a state where people wear hair scrunchies like the elastic just won't break and Elle in a city where the coolest guys she knows are either gay or in custody. This may take some time...

So, I would be the Elle part of "Cee n Elle". Although Cee would argue that we're such opposites, I just think we're that way to balance each other out... cuz there are times when we're a little unbalanced. As the baby sister, I am usually stubborn, irrational, and always having fun. Cee is agreeable, level headed, and always having fun (see, not SO different).
Anyways, the blog was another one of Cee's fun ideas that I agreed to. She'll probably randomly be yelling at me not to post certain things and I'll probably post it more in reaction.
So enjoy our crazy stories and opinions. Feel free to laugh your ass off cuz I know we'll be.

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Kaitlin said...

Hair scrunchies!!!! Get those things away from me!